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Special Open Qualified Dog or Bitch (1)

1st Lockharts' Chetruda Crystal Rose
stylish bitch, very classical, beautiful head and lovely expression, enough neck, good shoulder, very good body, good width across her croup and strong hindquarters, lovely coat, very good mover, but I wished she could use her tail more;

Minor Puppy Bitch (6, 1a)
1st Savells' Petranella Gossip Girl
beautiful bitch puppy, feminine head, but would like more lenght of foreface, super neck, very good body for her age, in lovely coat condition, very good mover, I would though have liked her a bit more up on her legs
2nd Mitchells' Peasblossom Honeytrap
very stylish bitch, not as mature as the winner, but lovely lines to grow into, sweet head, good neck and shoulder, a bit straight in upperarm, enough body for her age, lovely quarters, very good coat, happy mover, but could have had more reach in front
3rd Bott & Allens' Petranella Tongues A Waggin About Allenie
4th Long & Leemings' Tryhard Real McCoy

Puppy Bitch (5, 1a)
1st Smiths' Melverly Sophistique
beautiful bitch puppy, full of quality, gorgeous head, super neck and shoulder, great body for her age. Everything was flowing from head to tail on this bitch, also her movement, shall follow her with interest, best bitch puppy and Best Puppy in Show
2nd Savells' Petranella Gossip Girl
3rd Bott & Allens' Petranella Tongues A Waggin About Allenie
4th Woodbridges' Crackerjanne Call Me Madam

Junior Bitch (7, 1a)
1st Cunliffes' Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW ShCM
really beautiful bitch who pushed hard for the top spots, lovely head, great body and topline, in lovely coat and condition, one of the best movers on the day
2nd Savells' Petranella Ruby Tuesday
another beautiful bitch, a bit short on legs, lovely head and expression, in super coat, moved well;
3rd Goodmans' Calvdale Swag
4th Greens' Kennair Dazzling Ruby

Yearling Bitch (3, 1a)
1st Corbetts' Trimere Touch Of Black
lovely feminine bitch, nice size, beautiful head with dark eyes, good body for her age, just lacking a bit of feathers to complete the picture, nice bone and feet, moved well
2nd Lockharts' Chetruda Silent Destiny
slightly bigger bitch, lovely make and shape, sweet head, good neck and shoulder, deep in body, a bit loose in topline, well angulated behind, but a bit high hocks, in good coat, could have shown more enthusiasm on the move.

Maiden Bitch (5,2a)
1st Bott & Allens' Petranella Tongues A Waggin About Allenie
sweet bitch, but would have liked her a bit more up on her legs, and she could do with more lenght of foreface, great body, nicely bent hindquarters, moved well, but could heave given a bit more, as she’s still young this can come with age
2nd Long & Leemings' Tryhard Real McCoy
Strongly built bitch, a bit low to the ground and slightly long cast, sweet head, good bone and feet, could have moved with more animation
3rd Woodbridges' Crackerjanne Call Me Madam

Novice Bitch (6, 2)
1st Savells' Petranella Gossip Girl
2nd Greens' Kennair Dazzling Ruby
good moving bitch, a bit plain in head, adequate body for her age, could do with more belly feathers to complete the picture
3rd Bott & Allens' Petranella Tongues A Waggin About Allenie
4th Woodbridges' Crackerjanne Call Me Madam

Undergraduate Bitch (5,2a)
1st Savells' Petranella Ruby Tuesday
2nd Glendinnings' Plaiglen Pandora
nicely built bitch, very honest in every aspect, lovely head, good body and topline, strong hindquarters, in good coat, wish she was a bit happier on the move
3rd Lockharts' Chetruda Silent Destiny

Graduate Bitch (8, 2a)
1st Rawdings' Gleadsbury Petite Etoile at Dukedel
lovely upstanding bitch, well chiseled feminine head, lovely neck and shoulder, good body, strong quarters with good bone, in lovely coat and condition, moved with style, slightly wide in front;
2nd Cokells' Carlyquinn Classic Line
another lovely bitch, very classy, with beautiful head and expression, good front, shall drop a bit more in body, strong rear with good width of second thigh, moved with longs strides, dipping a bit in topline;
3rd Mitchells' Peasblossom Embrace
4th Savells' Petranella Ruby Tuesday

Post Graduate Bitch (8, 2a)
1st Lawlers' Artycreath Ruby Wax at Roqfolly NAF
beautiful bitch, not yet finished, but so much to like about her, loved her head and her flowing lines, strong back and rear, moved well, but could have put on an extra gear;
2nd Stevensons' Gaolachcara Cliodna JW ShCM
slightly stronger built bitch, well chiseled head, but for me a bit on the heavy side, lovely neck, strong body, a bit long in loin, lovely bone and a good mover;
3rd Joyces' Shelcasries' Lovers Leap
4th Bashforths' Jorobaden Prima Donna

Limit Bitch (8,3a)
1st Roses' Rosannoch Carnelian JW
strongly built beautiful bitch, shown to perfection, lovely head, neck and shoulder, grand body, in lovely coat and condition, perhaps too much coat for my taste, but the work the owner has put into this exhibit is second to none, moved with a typical gait;
2nd Lawlers' Roqfolly Emma Peel
very flashy bitch, lovely head, super neck, strong back, in super condition, loved her happy attitude when she moved;
3rd Mitchells' Peasblossom Aria
4th Jacksons' Mompesson Paper N Lace

Open Bitch (8, 3a)
1st Jacksons' Mompesson Celebrity
beautiful stylish bitch, so full of quality, and so feminine, beautiful head, lovely expression, super neck and shoulder, strong back, I still think she’s not quite finished yet, so I would think she will look even better with a bit more time, lovely strong quarters which she really uses when moving, liked her a lot, res CC.
2nd Corbetts' Tantrums And Tiaras
another quality bitch, I saw her as a youngster and liked her then, lovely head, beautiful neck and shoulder, lovely bone, and a very good mover, as the winner, not quite finished picture yet;
3rd Camerons' Sh Ch Donarden Foxy Lady
4th Bashforths' Alanea Charade of Jorobaden

Special Beginners Bitch (3, 2a)

1st Joyces' Shelcasries' Lovers Leap
balanced bitch, strongly built, lovely head and expression, good neck and shoulder, great body, in lovely coat, moved well;

Veteran Bitch (3, 3a)

Ellen Dobson Memorial Stakes (4, 3a)

1st Corbetts' Sh Ch Trimere Tigra
a really beautiful classical bitch, she’s a complete picture of the standard, loved her from nosetip to tail, beautifully shaped head with melting expression, super neck on well laid back shoulders, good topline, strong quarters, and her movement is a textbook lesson in typical springer gait, I really loved her, CC and res Best in Show.

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